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Customers buy based on them, Google ranks local maps listings based on them. Reviews = Money plain and simple. Garage Rev streamlines the process and smartly collects customers for less money.

Garage Industry Reviews

Free Basic Listing

​Every garage solutions company deserves to make getting reviews easy. Here at Garage Rev we provide tons of value before asking for anything.

Contact us to get your free listings today. Limited to 1-page asking for Google and Facebook reviews. No smart triggers or follow up sequences included. Just email, print on a card or text manually the url to your review ask page. EX:

1-Page-Review Ask

Funnel happy customers to leaving a review and detractors to leaving direct feedback with you. Since everything is all on one page, technically you are complying with tricky review filter policy.

Choose from multiple review sites (Google, Facebook, Houzz, Home Advisor, and many more).

Advanced Triggers (Checkin)

Have a custom trigger page for each tech. After each job have them commit the customer to leave a review & subscribe to your newsletter. Then when entering the clients first name, email and phone number you can automatically start your desired sequence.

Advanced Automation

Using a handout card, checkin form or even software trigger such as Quickbooks invoice sent to trigger your sequence. Priority number 1 is asking for a review and then mix, match and follow up with your next steps.

Automated: Asking for reviews or feedback, subscribing to newsletter, asking for warranty registration...

Methods of Outreach: Text, Email, Post Card*, Voice Mail*

Trigger Sources: Checkin, Quickbooks, other software...

Future: Qualify sequences, fall in love with your business sequences

Want to see how we get it done?

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Unique Garage Rev Features 

Send personalized emails from your own gmail account. Add multiple locations for no extra fee. Text messaging is included in our standard package. Want multiple reps or office staff to have personalized messages, no problem. With our advanced package you will be sending your texts from a local number. And with our technology you can build newsletter subscribers and warranty registrations. You’re also getting done for you setup, which is typically a $300 setup fee. Not to mention you have and expert coaching and training you.

Display Reviews Online

Now you have all these fine new reviews on Google and Facebook, show them off on your website. Increase your sales by increasing the trust and social signals about your business.

Alerts, Replying & Reports

Google My Business and Facebook provide apps for business owners. There is no better way to get notified of new reviews, reply to reviews and see a report of review impact. So instead of charging more for free features, we just educate you on how to use these apps. 

Monthly Pricing

Free Basic

Get more reviews for free

  • Review Page (Google &FB)

Automate getting reviews & subscribers to your newsletter


Multiple locations, multiple reps, multiple sequences & advanced triggers

  • 4 Review Sites & Filter Out Customers
  • Checking Page (Text & Email)
  • Sequences (Review, Newsletter, Warranty Registration, Calendar Scheduling. Facebook Likes...)
  •  Triggers (Card, Checkin, Quickbooks...)
  • Multiple Locations & Reps
  • Onsite Review Widget


How fast will I see results?

Does SEO really work for Garage Contractors?

How much do you charge?

What exactly do you do?

What Is this FIX Marketer stuff?

How are you different than other companies?

Why Garage Rev?

  • We work exclusively with garage contractors
  • We know how to get garage projects online
  • We provide winning 1-Page Marketing Plans for free
  • SEO & Google Maps optimization experts
  • Paid advertising experts

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