Reviews = Money

Face the facts, customers buy based on reviews and Google favors highly reviews businesses. Reviews = Money plain and simple. Garage Rev streamlines the process of getting reviews for less money and effort (Free & Paid Options).

60% of customers leave an online review with our tool*

*The range is 20-60% of customers leave an online review which is substantially higher than not using

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Every tool on the market that claims to help you get reviews ignores the most important measure of success, the ratio of ask to land review. We get more reviews for the garage industry than any other tool or method period! 


  • Easy to read review url like
  • Free & paid listings available
  • Multiple locations (no extra charge)
  • Multiple employees (no extra charge)
  • Customers are emailed from your personal email automatically 
  • Customers are texted from your local area code not a 800 number
  • Add subscribers to your email system
  • Combine multiple Google listings into one badge and display on your website
  • Free review cards (business card size)
  • Monthly report (compare industry)
  • Willing to customize everything to your business
  • Customized brand colors and logo
  • 50% discount when you bundle all your marketing from
  • Waived setup fee $300

Free Basic Listing

Every garage solutions company deserves to make getting reviews easy. Here at Garage Rev we provide tons of value before asking for anything.

Contact us to get your free listings today. Limited to 1-page asking for Google and Facebook reviews.  You can manually send customers the your review ask page. EX:

No smart triggers or follow up sequences included however you can upgrade or roll back to free at anytime.

Want to see how we get it done?

Go Beyond A Free Listing

Display Reviews Online

Now you have all these fine new reviews on Google and Facebook, show them off on your website. Increase your sales by increasing the trust and social signals about your business.

Alerts, Replying & Reports

Google My Business and Facebook provide apps for business owners. There is no better way to get notified of new reviews, reply to reviews and see a report of review impact. So instead of charging more for free features, we just educate you on how to use these apps. 

Monthly Pricing

Free Basic

Manually get more reviews

  • Review Page (Google Only)

Automate getting reviews monthly

Why Garage Rev?

  • We specialize in the garage industry
  • More reviews, less effort
  • Custom and flexible

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"I love helping garage contractors. I have loved helping home service providers for the last 10 years."

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