August 19

The Best Garage Flooring & Storage Facebook / Instagram Ads


As the leading marketing in this space,

I have gathered over the top Garage Flooring and Storage Facebook / Instagram Ads.

I also have 1 bonus secrete for spying on your competitors ads completely for free. As well as a few other bonuses mixed in.

So stick around for the whole article. 

A wise man learns from others and avoids learning only learning form the school of hard knocks. 

Best Garage Flooring Facebook / Instagram Ads

Don't be afraid to test different headlines and top primary texts to pull your ideal customer in.

Wicked Workshops, Website, FB Page, FB Ads

The use of anything other than learn more for the button is a sign of a better performing ad. In this case they may be chatting on FB or simply using a chat bot to ask the same questions a form would to turn prospect into a lead.

Garage Floor Coating - The Great Lakes, FB PageFB Ads

This porch and the text above help to spell out they do more than just garages. I would not recommend adding any text or logos to the image in the ad, they tend to perform poorly. 

Granite Garage Floors Denver, FB PageFB Ads

Filming a quick video tends to be by far the best performing ad. But still images can still get the job done.

LNK Garage Epoxy Flooring, FB PageFB Ads

Koncept Garage, Website, FB Page, FB Ads

Best Garage Storage & Organization Facebook / Instagram Ads

Calling out the fact that you work year round can help keep your business going in the winter.

Wicked Workshops, Website, FB Page, FB Ads

The use of emojis is great in the primary top text. However if combined with also emojis in the headline, it would likely perform better. 

NEAT Garages NJ, WebsiteFB PageFB Ads

Garaginization, Website, FB Page, FB Ads

Signature Garage Design, FB Page, FB Ads

I would actually not recommend promotion % off ads. Anything custom should have a premium price.

Garage And Closet Systems, FB Page, FB Ads

Best Contractor Facebook & Instagram Ads

I thought I would also throw in some of the best contractor ads I have come across as an inspirational bonus. 

I live the before and after. Also the breaking up of the image will get more people to stop and engage with the ad.

Concrete Designs, FB Page, FB Ads

Speaking to costs, talking on a job and even taking photos with happy customers as a testimonial, is just great ads.

Gulf Coast Aluminum, FB PageFB Ads

Schuler Service Inc., FB PageFB Ads

Sometimes the combination of emojis can really work in synergy.

Wicked Workshops, Website, FB Page, FB Ads

How To Spy On Competitors

Facebook offers a great tool to find all your competitors Facebook ads. If you haven't found this free tool already, it's called Facebook Ads Library. 

You can type in any brand name to spy on the compaction. But my favorite way to use this tool is to simply enter a few search terms to find inspiration for your next ad. 

Simple Ad Performance Dashboard

Facebook's built in reports can really be confusing for what's really going on with your marking.

With a simple dashboard like we create at, you can know how your advertising is preforming. 

You should be able to understand at a glance how your marketing effects the bottom line. 

Top Takeaways

Marketing Facebook ads take some effort to get it right. I hope these ads have inspired you and helped you see creative high performing ads are possible. But ads in an of themselves are not everything when it comes to making a successful marketing and sales experience. 

Key learnings form ad examples:

  • Use emojis
  • Videos are better than images but both have their place
  • Use a variety of ads. Some ideas include: beauty shot (done work), talking person head video, before / after, process, testimonial, hiring, price of a recent job, how financing works...
  • Keep graphics and words off your images
  • Never use the learn more button call to action. Instead use: Get Quote, Message, Book Now, Contact us.

In future articles I mean to cover these details as well:

  • Critical settings inside Facebook: Campaign Goals, Demographics, Psychographics & Other Settings
  • The types of Facebook ads
  • Remarketing
  • Calls to action
  • Instant forms
  • Getting notified of new leads

Breaking into Facebook and Instagram ads can feel overwhelming. But now that you see what others are doing, you should feel empowered to get started. If you would like me to help, reach out for a free strategy call. 

Let me know what you took away from this article and any questions you still have in the comments.


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